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Smart Water Filtration Systems
Smart Water Filtration Systems
Smart Water Filtration Systems
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Before working with Ayla Networks, Ozner was already using cloud connectivity to identify and solve water-filtration system malfunctions as well as to monitor filter cartridges for replacements.

But, in June 2015, Ozner executives talked with Ayla about how the company might further improve its water systems with IoT technology. They liked what they heard from Ayla, but the executives needed to be sure that Ayla’s Agile IoT Platform provided the security and reliability Ozner required.

Ozner Water International Holding is part of a large Chinese company that develops, manufactures and sells water-purification systems.

Ozner is leveraging Ayla’s IoT cloud platform to better manage and maintain its connected filtration systems and to help expand its sales into international markets.

The Ayla Insights business intelligence and analytics tool was employed to obtain real-world customer data from the Ozner Water connected smart-filtration systems in use. The customer data collected through Ayla insights included additional maintenance and service checkpoints from the deployed systems.

Meanwhile, Ayla engineers built Ozner a mobile app that lets Chinese customers remotely control their own filtration systems using popular social networks, such as Weixin (aka WeChat).

Mature (technology has been on the market for > 5 years)
Expand its knowledge of customer requirements and use the information for future product improvements. Anticipate many more of its customers’ needs before they became service problems or system malfunctions
Allow customers to control and monitor their filtration systems anytime, anywhere—and communicate with Ozner customer service—via smartphone and their favorite social network.
Conquer long-distance maintenance and service concerns as the company expands beyond China into international markets

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