5678 SMRT Corporation Case Study


5678 SMRT Corporation Case Study
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5678 SMRT needed a fast, modern, scalable web reporting solution that could be accessed by numerous operators over many and diverse divisions. They wanted to extend and enhance their current HMI system, in which they had invested significant time and money, without having to replace it.
The 5678 Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation operates the largest and most extensive metropolitan subway system in the Republic of Korea with a total of 148 stations throughout lines 5-8. They serve 2.7 million passengers per day with a total reach of almost 152 kilometers. SMRT stands at the core of Seoul’s public transportation system and is recognized as the world’s fourth largest metropolitan subway corporation.
B-Scada's product suite comprising an IoT platform, wireless sensors and SCADA software were employed in various means to come up with solutions to address the aforementioned challenges.
Mature (technology has been on the market for > 5 years)
Using B-Scada’s Status software, 5678 SMRT was able to replace their outdated web-based monitoring system with a modern, high performance web application. This allowed SMRT’s numerous operating personnel to have constant, immediate access to real-time data as it was needed, giving them an opportunity to provide the high quality service their customers had come to expect.
SMRT had an existing HMI solution in place, and needed a way to extend their current system so that no work was wasted. Using Status, they were able to update and improve the functionality of their current system without having to throw away good work.

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