CodeMeter Protects Belsim's VALI Software


CodeMeter Protects Belsim's VALI Software
CodeMeter Protects Belsim's VALI Software
CodeMeter Protects Belsim's VALI Software

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All industrial measurements are inaccurate and uncertain. As a consequence, a company never has rigorous information about its processes. What’s more, the real numbers about process performance may very well remain hidden in measurement noise. Belsim develops Data Validation & Reconciliation software that automatically corrects measurements in industrial processes. The VALI-suite is the result of many years of R&D and it represents the centerpiece of Belsim’s intellectual property. This led Belsim’s search for a robust yet flexible solution for software protection and license management.

Belsim is a spin-off company of Université de Liège in Belgium. Today, VALI Suite is the leading solution in the worldwide market for DVR software. Belsim’s solutions are based on advanced data validation and reconciliation technology for enhanced data quality. It is a model-based approach using raw process data, statistical methods, process knowledge and thermodynamic constraints, providing error free, reliable data. Belsim delivers solutions based on software and consulting for energy management, production management, performance management and process optimization. Belsim’s engineers travel around the world to implement the solution, not only in Europe, but also in the Middle-East, the US and Africa.

"When we decided to develop VALI’s newest version in Microsoft .NET, it was clear that we also needed a partner to support the solution’s license management and to protect it against software piracy." Belsim analyzed proposals from three suppliers. CodeMeter from Wibu-Systems – including AxProtector - proved to be the most suitable solution. "The high level of protection in the .NET environment made the difference", says Christophe Pirnay.

Emerging (technology has been on the market for > 2 years)

"We ran tests and tried to hack into our own software, using debugging tools among other things. All attempts failed. Thanks to Wibu-Systems, we don’t have to worry about license management or protection and we can continue to fully focus on further development of our core business", says Christophe.


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