Connecting buildings and generating new insights

Dell Technologies

Connecting buildings and generating new insights

Dell Technologies Dell Technologies
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KMC Controls sought to develop a cost-effective solution to connect buildings, make them more energy efficient and safe, and help managers and owners intelligently understand and manage their properties.

It worked with Dell OEM Solutions to create KMC Commander, an integrated building-control product based on the Dell Edge Gateway that secures and processes data at the edge of the network and sends it to the cloud or data center for further analysis and action.

KMC Commander is designed to connect building automation systems to the internet through an open, secure platform. The product can be placed in any building with IoT devices, with the gateway connecting edge devices such as KMC’s own building controller line, HVAC units, thermostats, and lighting and electrical systems. KMC Commander acts as an intelligent data collection and filtering point, communicating with the cloud or data center to give customers cloud services, data analysis and data visualization functionality.
Emerging (technology has been on the market for > 2 years)
Helped building owners and managers gain actionable insights about energy use, temperature trends and equipment run times
Reduced time-to-market by up to 50 percent by collaborating with Dell

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