Delivering a Higher Standard of Medical Care


Delivering a Higher Standard of Medical Care
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Boston Scientific needed a manufacturer who can fulfill all requests and FDA regulations. Their equipment are used by hospitals to treat patients, thus safety and reliability are the client's key concern.

Boston Scientific is the world's largest medical-device developer, dedicated to designing and building less invasive medical equipment.

AMAX's Contract Manufacturing Services to manufacture, test, and deploy systems using Intel Quad-Core Xeon Series Processors and NVIDIA Quadro FX video cards. Utilize AMAX Safety and EMC Compliance Certification to comply with FDA regulations.

Mature (technology has been on the market for > 5 years)
AMAX’s built systems allow for full revision control and long product life cycle, allowing the Customer to focus on Health Care development instead of product maintenance.
Customer has increased revenue and reduced overhead costs by having AMAX manufacture long life cycle reliable systems

The volume of systems AMAX delivers has increased an average of 25% each year over the project’s span.

Doctors and radiologists have triple and quadrupled the number of patients they see, using the medical devices running on AMAX-built systems.

Customer’s use of Intel quad-core Xeon series processors and NVIDIA Quadro FX workstation graphics cards delivers outstanding performance and enhanced graphical capabilities to perform medical tests.

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