Fully Automated Identification in the Steel Industry

S+P Samson

Fully Automated Identification in the Steel Industry

S+P Samson S+P Samson
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Different industries also have different requirements with regard to identification systems and materials. Let us take a look at the steel industry. As this is a difficult environment, requirements are very different. This applies, in particular, to the labels and tags that are used to ensure full material traceability. Raw materials and products have rough surfaces. In addition, the data carriers are exposed to enormous heat and heavy soiling. And last but not least, the whole identification process always has to be carried out under time pressure. Usually, there is a maximum of 10 seconds for the application of each tag.

With Alping Italia, S+P Samson can refer to a partner who has built a reputation in the field of industrial automation and who is also active in the field of identification. Based in Udine, Italy, the innovative company has developed a robot-based identification system for the steel industry. A robot which is controlled by special software welds a pin to the steel using a stud welder, attaching the barcode-printed tag. And with 8 – 10 seconds for applying each tag the Italian colleagues are well within the time requirement.


Tag application in 8-10 seconds

Shorter production times

Highly adaptable

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