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Managing a multi-million euro energy spend, including a significant requirement for gas across these complex operations, is about more than simply ensuring energy is available: forecasting capacity, effective trading, price and billing accuracy are all essential.

Flexible gas and fixed electricity contracts supplied by Gazprom Energy are at the heart of Siemens' regional energy provision. 

Global engineering company Siemens has been designing and producing many of the things people rely on each day for nearly 170 years. Whether it's manufacturing power generation equipment, industrial technology for manufacturers or rolling stock and signalling for the railways, the company's energy requirements are complex and varied.

Gazprom Energy's dedicated account management model based on specific Service Level Agreements has ensured that Siemens always receives a same day response to any queries raised.

Through quarterly review meetings Siemens and Gazprom Energy also ensure that wider or future challenges are discussed and solutions prioritised to ensure that service delivery evolves with Siemens' needs over time.

Originally Siemens was receiving separate bills for each of its sites which led to time consuming internal validation processes. To simplify this Gazprom Energy has moved to a single but itemised monthly bill for the entire Siemens' region.

Some of Siemens' sites were also on estimated billing, leading to a lack of true visibility of spend. Alongside the various measures by Gazprom Energy Siemens addressed this by installing automated meter reading devices on the meters at each site so that accurate billing could be ensured at all times.

Siemens now manages a highly effective gas portfolio across its region, managing the needs of hundreds of sites and internal customers efficiently each day.

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