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With an increasingly mobile global workforce, ensuring security and applying uniform policy across all users and devices was a critical need. Historically, the company was using two on-premise solutions (Websense and a Squid Linux service) both of which were nearing the end of their contract periods. The company wanted to establish and enforce a global policy for internet access, provide secure access to the internet for all employees and ensure uniform coverage for the growing number of remote users, and mobile devices
A global, multi-billion dollar automotive supplier headquartered in Michigan, USA, manufactures and markets high-performance systems and components for the automotive industry. The company employs about 20,000 people in over 70 locations spread across 18 countries.
After looking at the management overhead, functionality and support capabilities of the three alternatives they decided that a cloud-based solution was the best option. Zscaler's solution provide uniform coverage across the on-premise and remote users, with advanced threat protection, Web 2.0 controls and reporting functionality.

Software Components
- Cloud based web proxy solution
Mature (technology has been on the market for > 5 years)
Total cost of ownership is lowered due to reduction in IT infrastructure costs.
Centralized security and access policies are enabled for all of client's locations worldwide, covering both on-premise and remote users.
Better user acceptance with less operative training is required.

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