High Consequence Area Mapping Case Study


High Consequence Area Mapping Case Study
High Consequence Area Mapping Case Study
High Consequence Area Mapping Case Study
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Federal law requires pipeline operators to monitor areas where large numbers of people reside or gather within close proximity to their pipelines. These high consequence areas (HCAs) are classified based on nearby structures, population density, and business use. HCA designations impact the pipe’s maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP), size, and inspection requirements.

OmniEarth’s High Consequence Area offering automatically monitors changes within the pipeline corridor, allowing pipeline operators to minimize the cost and effort required to maintain regulatory standards. In this new HCA product, OmniEarth combines imagery based change detection algorithms, zoning information, and tax data in a cost-effective, cloud-based portal. Flexible tools, automatic notifications, and mobile accessibility make it easy to for operators to see areas with relevant changes and share data with field teams to streamline their integrity management process.

Emerging (technology has been on the market for > 2 years)
Provides up to 75% cost savings by reducing human error and effort compared to other HCA monitoring methods (aerial, UAV collection, manual inspections, data processing)
Keeps all relevant compliance data in one convenient location
Easily configurable data views and tools to display only the most relevant information for your team

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