High-value Container Tracking

Synapt (Prodapt)

High-value Container Tracking

Synapt (Prodapt) Synapt (Prodapt)
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• Tracking the movement of trucks carrying valuable containers in order to plan shipment of empty containers back to India • Reduction of delays in the arrival of containers • Ability to track every stage of the containers • Avoiding manual intervention to know exact container location • Automation to intimate the position and arrival time of containers

The customer is a leading exporter of hazardous chemicals from India to China through container ships. The truckers at the Chinese port transport the shipped containers to designated end-customer locations.

The Synapt team developed a smart solution for container tracking that makes use of several devices and sensors. The solution accurately tracks containers and informs of their real-time location.

Asset and location tracking
Mature (technology has been on the market for > 5 years)

Reduction in manual labor to track containers

Elimination of delay in the return of empty containers

Automated tracking of every stage of containers with GPS and sensors


Avoidance of purchase of additional containers (container costs are high—in the range of $150k)

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