IBM Builds Brand and Boosts Results through B2B Content Marketing


IBM Builds Brand and Boosts Results through B2B Content Marketing

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IBM's challenge was to reach and engage IT professionals at midsize businesses and demonstrate its relevance to the marketplace. IBM sought to be top of mind as a problem solver and solution provider with affordable, easy-to-implement solutions for companies that lack extensive IT staffs and sophisticated infrastructure environments.

Midsize businesses

IBM selected agency partner Digital Influence Group to provide planning, development and implementation of as well as overall strategic guidance to IBM for cultivating awareness and preference among mid-market technology professionals.

IBM also selected Skyword's Content Production Platform and advisory services to assist in managing all aspects of the content marketing process:

• Strategic topic selection based upon IBM's objectives and prospective customer interests and pain points;

• Writer recruitment and management, supported by Skyword's pool of 20,000+ professional freelance writers;

• Comprehensive SaaS platform for content strategy, content development, content production and optimization for search and social promotion, and measurement and analytics;

• In-depth content intelligence for identifying the information IBM's target audience values to improve content offerings.

Mature (technology has been on the market for > 5 years)

 2,900+ articles created.


68+ writer relationships.

 16,000+ shares of program content.

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