Increasing Asset Health & Uptime: Chiller Connect


Increasing Asset Health & Uptime: Chiller Connect

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Companies are facing greater challenges than ever before when it comes to making sure their cooling equipment operates at maximum efficiency. One of the challenges is the need to understand how equipment is performing to optimize their use, their health and to anticipate issues and failures. Having an HVAC service engineer who continuously monitors the chiller is unrealistic.

Combining embedded based chiller data and an AI engineer results in a move from maintenance to prevention and predictability. Optimizing asset health, minimizing asset failures and understanding optimal maintenance programs are critical to reducing operation cost, improving customer service and creating service-level agreements.

Smart sensors in combination with embedded based chiller data infrastructure delivers real-time, historical and predictive insights into chiller health and maintenance needs.

Mature (technology has been on the market for > 5 years)

Optimizing asset health.

Minimizing asset failures.

Reduce operation cost, improve customer service and create service-level agreements

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