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Ready2Wash needed a partner who can connect a diverse set of machines, systems, and sensors, many of which communicate on different protocols, onto a single platform and make them visible and controllable. Furthermore, the amount of data, data types, and their applications were so vast, that the solution handling it needed to be scalable and flexible.

Ready2Wash is a company founded by experts with 20 year's experience in car wash manufacturing and software development which is specialised in providing an integrated IoT solution for the self-service carwash.

Ready2Wash IoT solution is built on top of WolkAbout IoT Platform, which is a heart and brain of all technology and business processes. All data (operational, financial, data about customers) is now collected and available for usage here. WolkAbout IoT Platform uses robust and reliable technology with PLCs, industrial PCs and Modbus as a communication protocol. Given it is vendor agnostic, it can connect all diverse machines seamlessly and provide an end to end solution, right from the machine connectivity to data acquisition and processing, with business relevant applications on top of WolkAbout IoT Platform. It is designed to have reliable two-way communication between the platform and carwash facilities in order to measure, monitor and control all operational aspects of those facilities. Web portal aimed at self-service carwash owners helps carwash owners or managers to manage multiple stations from any location and monitor all their work processes, malfunctions and services. The key feature is controlling, as WolkAbout platform allows remote actuation of switches, relays, and water pumps. Lastly, monetisation module of WolkAbout IoT Platform enables mobile payment for carwash customers and participation in the loyalty program, which are available through Ready2Wash customer iOS and Android apps.

Emerging (technology has been on the market for > 2 years)
- Connection of all parts of the carwash system, regardless of the fact that they are heterogeneous;
- Near real-time automation, monitoring, and control of carwash facilities remotely over a Web portal;
- Notifications in case of threshold breach, warnings, and errors
- Online service utilisation and financial reports;
- Definition of marketing campaigns and multiple loyalty programs;

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