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Integral Plant Maintenance

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Mercedes-Benz and his partner GAZ chose Siemens to be its maintenance partner at a new engine plant in Yaroslavl, Russia. The new plant offers a capacity to manufacture diesel engines for the Russian market, for locally produced Sprinter Classic. In addition to engines for the local market, the Yaroslavl plant will also produce spare parts. Mercedes-Benz Russia and his partner needed a service partner in order to ensure the operation of these lines in a maintenance partnership arrangement. The challenges included coordinating the entire maintenance management operation, in particular inspections, corrective and predictive maintenance activities, and the optimizing spare parts management. Siemens developed a customized maintenance solution that includes all electronic and mechanical maintenance activities (Integral Plant Maintenance).

Mercedes-Benz Russia and GAZ

The Integral Plant Maintenance concept from Siemens was tailored to production specific needs. The primary goal was to meet the customer's strict availability requirements. This was accomplished with an optimized maintenance management system. Through predictive maintenance, line downtime is selectively avoided, and planned downtime is used to perform the necessary maintenance work. The service solution from Siemens is also responsible for other tasks, including: - Inspections - Preventive maintenance - Corrective maintenance - Optimizing the supply and stocking of spare parts As they were working out the concept, the local maintenance experts were able to draw on the extensive knowledge base of Siemens' global expert network. They received optimal support in implementing the Siemens Integral Plant Maintenance standard through coaching sessions and process mapping workshops. Siemens maintenance experts realise planned and unplanned maintenance activities on two shift operation geared with a performance based contract. Performance Indicators includes plant availability and per-unit maintenance costs

Plant availability and per-unit maintenance costs.
Emerging (technology has been on the market for > 2 years)
A single point of contact for service activities for the customer that secures the optimal performance of their equipment and systems for years to come.
A precise adaptation of maintenance activities to the plant’s processes ensures a comprehensive collaboration between the maintenance team and all levels of customer’s organization.
Maximum availability of the customer’s production equipment, the ability to optimally schedule production, and the means to calculate costs over the long term.

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