Internet of Things Enables Smarter Oilfield Operations


Internet of Things Enables Smarter Oilfield Operations

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Lower oil prices compel oilfield operators to increase efficiency. The client, a leading oilfield services provider, sought to significantly reduce the costs of pumping oil. The client owns and operates tens of thousands of electric submersible pumps (ESPs) for its global oil-and-gas customers.

A leading oilfield services provider wanted to reduce operational costs and increase the efficiency of tens of thousands of electric submersible pumps. The company engaged Cognizant’s expertise for all layers of the solution: sensors, server infrastructure and analytics. 

Developed software agent to configure pumps over the network.

Migrated server infrastructure to Microsoft Azure cloud, leveraging IoT-specific services.

Integrated sensor data with the client’s decision making applications and databases.

Emerging (technology has been on the market for > 2 years)

Eliminate the significant time, costs and safety risks of dispatching engineers to remote oilfields to recalibrate or update pump software.

Enable predictive maintenance, reducing costs and avoiding downtime.

Build foundation to connect more oil field equipment (oil tankers, crude-oil processing equipment, trucks and even the pipeline) to the Internet of Things.


Reduce the time to identify pump issues from ~15 minutes to a few seconds.


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