IoT and PLM Integration

Solair (Microsoft)

IoT and PLM Integration
Solair (Microsoft) Solair (Microsoft)
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Zadi Group wanted to make innovative technologies one of its main differentiators. They are planning on moving away from the old legacy client server systems to a solution in the cloud.
Zadi Group designs and manufactures electromechanical components for the automotive, agricultural and industrial sectors, developing projects in co-design for the most prestigious manufacturers in the world of motorcycles, recreational vehicles, minicar and tractors.
Zadi Group integrated the Solair Platform as the solution. Solari Platform integrates traditional PLM functionalities and innovative IoT features within the same environment, allowing for engineering data management, budgeting, sharing documents and information throughout the design and manufacturing value chain – all within a single platform.
Cutting Edge (technology has been on the market for < 2 years)
Time-to-market for new generation products are easily reduced; the same platform supports IoT functionalities for the design and management of intelligent LED lighting systems and locks.
Streamline communications for tools and devices within and outside the company is enabled due to the access to the platform from mobile devices.

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