IoT Based Milk Production Application

Stellapps Technologies

IoT Based Milk Production Application

Stellapps Technologies Stellapps Technologies
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The dairy farm as a result of being completely manual in nature had become completely unproductive and unprofitable. Technology intervention was the need of the hour

Akshayakalpa is a first of its kind and a unique private sector initiative to incubate rural-entrepreneurship based business models in Indian agriculture landscape. Their vision is to elevate Indian agricultural production practices from existing subsistence to enterprise level, there by generating attractive livelihoods opportunities for rural youth. They produce certified Organic Milk and other milk products-- They started their journey in March 2011 to start converting farms to organic Dairy Farms and certified as Organic from January 2013.

Milk line based automated milking system provide IoT-based monitoring, increase efficiency and productivity due to better management of milk yield cycle, reduce labor cost, save time and provide better hygiene management

Emerging (technology has been on the market for > 2 years)
Reduced labor cost
Increased productivity per cow

Premium quality hygienic milk, ~Rs. 10/per liter of milk

Revenue increment because of peak yield improvement

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