Large-Scale Manufacturing

Large-Scale Manufacturing
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They did not possess in-house capabilities to enhance their product portfolio with the Internet of Things.

Attempt at a partner ecosystem with wearable startups failed. Those products were neither jewelry nor appealed to the masses as a desired form of fashion.
A Dominant Market Leader in Retail Manufacturing
Amyx+ evaluated 1) product enhancement with IoT and 2) analyzed their manufacturing process.

After analyzing their company ethos and brand positioning of their products, Amyx+ recommended an approach that would reinforce their brand emotional identity. All the sensor capabilities, firmware, mobile app, and cloud analytics would need to be aligned to support that strategic goal. Initial communication and sensor capability were developed with supporting mobile app. Amyx+ is currently in the process of implementing the data analytics portion to data visualize predictive data analytics and insights directly to consumers and to the manufacturer.

Amyx+ also evaluated their current manufacturing process that involved tens of thousands of SKUs and analyzed ways to streamline the process, respond faster to changing market demand and lower the per unit cost of the input components. A number of recommendations from 3D printing, vertical integration, and demand-driven product development have been provided.
Added a new layer of value proposition to customers through IoT-enabled product portfolio
Identified new billion dollar markets to pursue
Leveraging data analytics to strengthen brand value and engagement with the manufacturer
Quantitative measurement is still in progress

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