LumenData Delivers Real-time Predictive Analytics through IoT


LumenData Delivers Real-time Predictive Analytics through IoT

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In 2013, LumenData found itself in need of adding new real-time predictive analytics capabilities to its suite of services. To meet this need, LumenData acquired a state-of-the-art streaming data, capture and real-time predictive analytics company. This solved the pure predictive analytics end, but left LumenData with a need to be able to build IoT-targeted services.

From an IoT perspective, LumenData was still missing the means to create suitable applications and dashboards that would make it easy for its customers to effortlessly make sense of whatever predictive analysis they might require.
LumenData is a company that provides enterprises with advanced Master Data Management (MDM) services, products, and professional services.
LumenData clearly understood that building such capabilities in-house would be prohibitively expensive and time-consuming. It was at this point that the company began to explore opportunities for IoT partnerships, and began a conversation with ThingWorx.

As a result of these conversations, the two companies are now working together to develop a strong integration between the ThingWorx platform and its front end modeling capabilities, and LumenData's real-time predictive analytics capabilities. ThingWorx will handle a large number of field-based tasks for LumenData. The ThingWorx development platform, in turn, allows LumenData to easily craft whatever applications, dashboards and mashups a customer may require.

To get a free demo of ThingWorx 8:
Real-time various enterprise data
Emerging (technology has been on the market for > 2 years)
Ease of integration with ThingWorx.
LumenData can easily provide an IoT-based interface to its predictive analytics platform.

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