Multifunctional labels in Steel Service Centers

S+P Samson

Multifunctional labels in Steel Service Centers

S+P Samson S+P Samson
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Until 2007, the Kerschgens Group handled the processes that involve moving goods into and out of stock like many companies in the industry. The daily work of the logistics personnel was characterised by delivery lists and slips of paper. However, the market is changing, and so are the requirements. Whereas the company used to sell mainly standard products, the need arose to put together orders made up from many different individual parts. And working with lots of bits of paper frequently led to time being spent on searching and errors with goods movements. A new concept had to be developed to optimise the process

The Kerschgens Werkstoffe & Mehr GmbH, operates at six locations in Germany – Stolberg, Bitburg, Trier, Viersen, Neuss und Würselen. They are a supplier of non-ferrous metals and plastics to industrial and construction companies in the Rhineland and Saarland regions and neighbouring areas as well as across the border. With around 250 employees and a turnover of just under 80 million Euros the company has developed a good position with its extensive treatment services, also for nationwide large projects.

The solution came in the form of using GRAPHIPLAST® combination labels which are used as the data carriers. Tagging the steel rods with these labels as opposed to tiny bits of paper completely modernized the Kerschgens operations in terms of how goods were transported and dispatched to, from and around the warehouse.

Mature (technology has been on the market for > 5 years)
The Kerschgens Group were able to increase the speed and reliability of their warehouse processes considerably.

In the past, they often achieved just under 200 items in 3 shifts, but now they are processing just under 440 items in the Kasto system alone – in only 1 1/2 shifts.

The GRAPHIPLAST® system has also enabled them to achieve an adherence to delivery dates of over 99 percent.

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