Predictive Analytics Generates Greater ROI for Customers


Predictive Analytics Generates Greater ROI for Customers

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Manufacturing plants are running at a much higher capacity utilization than ever before. Often, it is a 24 hour a day, seven days a week operation. With downtime costing plants up to US$20,000 a minute, they cannot afford disruption to their processes. In fact, a single occurrence can cost a plant upwards of US$2 million.


Founded more than 50 years ago, FANUC provides a wide range of automation equipment for automotive components and the general industrial market. FANUC was struggling with lack of visibility into how their customers were leveraging FANUC equipment on the factory floor. The only insight was gained after a problem had already occurred resulting in costly downtime for the customer. After meeting with Cisco and exploring the possible solutions, they saw potential to change their entire go-to-market business strategy. Leveraging the Cisco Intercloud™ solution, FANUC can extract customer data, store it in the cloud, and leverage predictive analytics to remedy any potential problems before it can negatively impact their customers. FANUC leveraged Cisco expertise to influence their customer’s IT departments to share their data in the cloud. By storing their customer’s data in the cloud and improving their response time to potential incidences, FANUC is leveraging the Internet of Everything (IoE) to deliver a proactive go-to market strategy for their customers.

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