Reducing pollution by going green on a commercial level

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Reducing pollution by going green on a commercial level

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ELM Energy wanted to make independent energy sources — including solar panels and turbines powered by wind and water — an affordable and reliable option for more customers.

ELM Energy helps global organizations be energy independent with custom solutions that include microgrids built with third-party components, such as wind turbines, microturbines and solar panels.

The company built an innovative, microgrid control solution based on an intelligent Dell Edge Gateway that’s device-agnostic, affordable, reliable and fast enough to provide real-time insight and control.

To facilitate real-time monitoring and control of distributed systems in any geographical location, the company needed a device that could operate in all climates, as well as connect to disparate components using ports common in industrial solutions such as CANbus and Modbus. The device also needed to collect data from a variety of industrial protocols, filter it, and send only specific information to a remote database to facilitate management.
Emerging (technology has been on the market for > 2 years)
Reduces pollution and energy consumption
Makes renewable energy viable for a diverse customer base
Boosts ROI and minimizes risk by ensuring local, centralized control

Reduces pollution and energy consumption

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