Telematic Solutions to Improve Fleet Management for Leasing Companies


Telematic Solutions to Improve Fleet Management for Leasing Companies

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TBI Leasing was looking to develop a telematic system to control driver's activity and reduce operational costs.

TBI Leasing, part of the Dutch financial group TBIF Financial Services Group, is a company specialized in leasing new and used vehicles, production lines and real estate.

TBI Leasing has been using SafeFleet platform since 2009. The application is mainly used at the beginning of the month to export vehicle activity reports. The application is also used to check the visits reports made ​​by the sales people ( for their own vehicles). For the vehicles with leasing contract they regularly monitor the number of kilometers and proximity to the country’s borders. As a leasing company, TBI Leasign has its own vehicles. In this case the application is very useful to control and reduce operational costs. Secondly, the company has other vehicles for leasing and in this case SafeFleet Portal reduces contractual risks. Another important aspect of the business is to locate stolen vehicles, where Safefleet portal is of great help in tracking and recovering the vehicles. The data provided by SafeFleet Portal helped TBI Leasing measure their results and most important, it helped them reduce fleet management expenses.

Mature (technology has been on the market for > 5 years)
Reduced fuel consumption through optimized route planning.
Reduced operational costs through strategic fleet management.
Ability to control the distance travelled for the vehicles that have certain limitations.

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