Use IoT to Improve Healthcare Business Outcomes


Use IoT to Improve Healthcare Business Outcomes

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Before developing an IoT solution, ICURO hit a major roadblock with its healthcare platform. Limited data sharing between healthcare providers and insurance companies impeded effective communication, resulting in frequent duplication of efforts and making it difficult for each entity to deliver better care while maintaining reasonable costs. ICURO wanted to resolve these data sharing issues, they started developing tools and systems that connect products in meaningful ways, enabling both entities to collaborate more effectively.

ICURO, a digital business outcomes management organization, has implemented a strategy that allows customers in healthcare and industrial manufacturing to access and use information from ICURO’s unifying platform for delivering business outcomes.

With ThingWorx, ICURO has enabled access to data by both entities in a central location – eliminating duplicate efforts and reducing costs without negatively impacting the quality of patient care. Healthcare providers are now also implementing the platform to conduct patient care and facilitate patient communications. ICURO is redefining healthcare IT by enabling providers to work with patients remotely and determine proper care through the data being retrieved from patient metrics. To get a free demo of ThingWorx 8:

Healthcare data
Emerging (technology has been on the market for > 2 years)
By monitoring patients while they are at home, healthcare providers create an ecosystem around the patient and are able to more effectively tailor treatment to patients’ medical needs.
With all of this new data, providers are better-equipped to create custom care and more accurately predict and prevent diagnoses.
With these measurable improvements in healthcare processes, the quality of patient care and patient engagement metrics went up, but the cost of care came down,because all of these practices are now unified, all under one roof, all on one platform.

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