Washington, D.C. Pediatric Center Consults on Heart Disease with Immersive Video


Washington, D.C. Pediatric Center Consults on Heart Disease with Immersive Video

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• Provide urgent pediatric care to children in developing countries

• Connect medical teams internationally in real time

• Increase access to education for surgical teams and nurses

Children’s National Medical Center

To strengthen their partnership, in 2013 Children’s National and UHI decided to invest in telemedicine and integrate video with the knowledge transfer process. The goal was to provide surgeons in Kampala with real-time, live feedback and increase the impact of those surgeons day to day. 

In addition to more frequent interaction, the promise of a telemedicine room at UHI offered great hope that the Children’s National and Ugandan surgical teams can give joint lectures to residents and students, and discuss approaches to difficult cases.

Telepresence also offered the ability for Children’s National and UHI to focus on more detailed collaboration: for example, the ability for Ugandan surgeons to share an echocardiogram of a child’s heart and discuss it with Children’s National staff in Washington D.C. Other anticipated benefits include second opinions, assistance with time-sensitive cases and surgeries, and consultation with the cardiac catheterization lab.

Summary of the solution:

• Used integrated immersive video to discuss medical cases

• Created large training rooms to accommodate medical staff

• Displayed recorded medical images over video


• Consulted on several types of pediatric heart disease 

• Conferred on individual cases

• Enhanced medical education and training for doctors and nurses

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