2017 Business Intelligence Summit

2017 Business Intelligence Summit
Conferenz Ltd.
New Zealand
Grand Millennium Auckland, Auckland
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The power of modern BI to uncover interactive insights and drive intelligent decision making is transforming the New Zealand commercial landscape. 2017 will be the year where businesses will need to innovate and disrupt their organisation to thrive in the future. The 2017 Summit looks at how leading companies are leveraging BI and analytics to gain an edge. Tomorrow’s competitive playing field is a whole new ball game with BI and analytics at the core. Join us at the 2017 Summit to hear real-world case studies; and insights from experts, this is one event not to be missed.

Highlights for 2017:
- Maximising BI strategy and building up business capability
- Creating business value through BI and inspiring leadership teams use BI in decision making
- Technologies on tomorrow’s checklist: new tools, tricks and techniques for your BI kit
- Security and risk with bad BI
- And more!

Hear real-world case studies and insights to implement your business intelligence strategy
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