2018 Global Internet of Things Contest

2018 Global Internet of Things Contest
Z-Park IoT Industry Alliance
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Like the industrial revolutions such as steam power and electrification before it, the Internet of Things (IoT) is fast becoming the new motive force driving the global economy and particularly its most dynamic key player, China. It could ignite the country’ productivity growth and usher in a new era of global competitiveness for its industries. But this opportunity could be lost without the right enabling conditions. To ensure progress, China needs to close the gap in critical skills and infrastructure, promote cross-industry collaboration, and accelerate IoT investment – also in ideas and solutions from beyond its own borders. That’s the reason that the country’s most influential institutions, the Z-Park IoT Industry Alliance builds up an international platform to award those providing the most innovative solutions for present challenges – the GIC-IOT Award and a platform for global IoT innovators to communicate and gain idea of future developing trend - Global IoT Contest.

2018 Contest application will be start from March, and project collection will be done globally, including countries and regions like Finland, Germany, UK, Spain, Italy, Australia, USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan etc. All the selected innovators will gather at Beijing at November 2018, to compete for the Award, and also together identifying future IoT Innovation.


Benefit for applicants

√ Media Exposure

√ Comprehensive Market Awareness

√ be on the radar of Chinese investors

√ Introduce your products or solutions to 50 professional juries and 500+ delegates

Jury member list will be announced soon.

For more information, please contact

Congress Secretariat

Email: giotc@kit-group.org

Tel: +49 30 24603-348 / +86 10 8498 7530

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