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2nd World Congress on Polymer Science and Engineering

2nd World Congress on Polymer Science and Engineering
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The 2nd World Congress on Polymer Science and Engineering is going to be held at Barcelona, Spain during May 8-9,2017,it is an informative program spanning for two days, Organized by Conference Series LLC.

Bringing together pioneers in the field of Polymer science and Engineering, world-class professors, researchers, scientists and students across the world to discuss about the latest breakthrough under one roof in one dais providing a platform for enlightment in this esteemed field. Polymer Congress 2017 is drafted in a way to maximize the dispersal of knowledge regarding diverse and current research that will ensure the provision of the in-depth analysis in that field. The Polymer Science Conference is organized with a theme of “Showcasing Polymer Science and Engineering breakthroughs universally.”


A polymer is basically a macromolecule, which is composed of many repetitive subunits. Both synthetic and natural polymers play an essential and irreplaceable role in day to day life. It ranges from familiar synthetic plastics such as polystyrene to natural biopolymers such as DNA and proteins that are fundamental and basic building blocks of life.

Every day, an individual comes into contact with hundreds, if not thousands, of plastics (most plastics are polymer) and polymers. Let us consider a day in the life of a hypothetical teenage boy. He wakes up in the morning, brushes his teeth with a toothbrush, which has bristles made up of nylon, then he opens the shower door—which is most likely to be made of plastic rather than glass or wood —and then he steps into a molded plastic bathtub. When he gets out of the shower, the towel with which he dries himself contains a polymer like rayon; most probably the tile on which he stands that contains polymers.

He puts on talcum powder (containing polymeric materials) that comes in polymer containers, and later he combs his hair, with a comb which is made up of a polymer. His clothes are maybe too made up of synthetic materials which is further made of polymers. When he walks into the kitchen for his breakfast, he will almost certainly walk on flooring made of polymer coating. The chair, on which he sits, the table that he uses, is most like to be made of polymeric material. Rather all the appliances that he sees in the room are made of some kind of polymer or the other, be it refrigerator or micro-wave oven or whatever. Even the cornflakes and milk that he eats came in packaged in polymeric packages.

With the passage of time, the mobile that he uses to contact his friends, the computer where he checks his e-mail, and the stereo where he plays his favorite music, which contain electrical components are housed in a polymer casing. If he goes to the play, the jersey he might be wearing would be most presumably made of Gore-tex, a special kind of fabric that is of very thin layer with billions of tiny pores, so that it allows through water vapor to pass(that is, perspiration) without allowing the passage of liquid water. On the way back, he will ride in a car that contains numerous plastic molds in the steering wheel and dashboard and the seat he sits is also made of polymer cover. Finally, at night, chances are he will sleep in bed sheets and a pillow, containing synthetic polymers.

The use of polymers in day to day life is indispensable. Hence, we can take chances and boldly claim that we live in a plastic world a.k.a a Polymer World.

Since the discovery of fire, and invention of first wheel, mankind had never looked back or ever wished to go back to their prehistoric life-style, and this attitudes paves the road to innovation and success. And The 2nd World Congress on Polymer Science and Engineering is just a milestone which broadcasts and amasses the breakthroughs in the polymer world under one roof.
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