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International Conference on Graphene and Semiconductors

International Conference on Graphene and Semiconductors
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Graphene and semiconductor is designed in such a way to provide diverse and current research that will provide an in-depth analysis in that field. The International Conference on Graphene and semiconductor is organized with a theme of “The Rising Era of Graphene” with an objective to encourage young minds to overcome the challenges in the research field of Graphene materials by providing an opportunity to meet the experts.

Graphene, the two-dimensional crystal of carbon, has many extraordinary properties and characteristics which are either unique or surpass those of other materials. The fundamental properties of graphene are making it an attractive material for a wide variety of applications. A potentially disruptive technology, with all properties that are combined into one material like strong, flexible, transparent, and an excellent conductor of both heat and electricity - make it ideal for a wide range of real-world applications in areas such as electronics, biomedicine, energy and composites.

The uptake of graphene will be driven by confidence in its performance and progress in its production with properties appropriate for specific application.
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