International Cyber Risk Management Conference

International Cyber Risk Management Conference
MSA Research
Allstream Centre, Toronto
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Close the Gaps on Cyber Risk.

Don’t miss the year’s most important cyber security event.

Learn how to fill the holes in your cyber security business plan, and protect your organization against future risk. Register for the 3rd Annual International Cyber Risk Management Conference.

Even as organizations of all sizes ready themselves for potential cyber attack, most are left unprepared for significant gaps that could put their data at risk. Join experts from academia, law enforcement, government and business to identify those gaps –and explore real-life solutions that will prepare your company for the challenges ahead.

If preparing for cyber risk is part of your business, and securing your data a priority, ICRMC is the place to be.

- Talk to others facing the same threats, and learn from top experts in the field, with:

- Open discussions on today’s most pressing risks

- Opportunities for networking and idea sharing

- Solution-oriented panels designed to drive change

- The most current news on tools, products and technology

Is Cyber Risk Part of Your Business Reality?

The International Cyber Risk Management Conference (ICRMC) was designed to explore the latest approaches to cyber risk, offering real-world understanding and expert advice. It’s for everyone who faces cyber risk in their organization – not just IT professionals. Whether you’re involved in governance, mitigation, risk transfer and/or post-event response, it’s the place for you.
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