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Internet of Manufacturing 2017 | Chicago

Internet of Manufacturing 2017 | Chicago
Internet of Business
United States
Hyatt Magnificent Mile, Chicago
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In order to remain competitive in the 21st Century global market, manufacturers are facing increasing pressure to innovate. Progressive manufacturers around the world are already reaping the benefits of IoT. However, this explosion of interconnected technologies, brings challenges that the industry is struggling to keep up with. Together with security concerns, the lack of existing standards and the need for radical models of change pose a timely opportunity to sharpen the debate on IoT.

Drawing on leading case studies, interactive workshops and factory demonstrations, The Internet of Manufacturing Chicago provides a unique opportunity to examine the Internet of Things business case for manufacturing.

The Internet of Manufacturing Conference brings together C- and VP-level business and technical executives from leading manufacturers to share best practices and inspire new revenue opportunities. The two-day conference and pre-event welcome day includes presentations, hands-on and interactive sessions, a live tour, as well as extended networking and team-building sessions to an audience of pre-qualified manufacturers. Regarded as the new industrial revolution, adopting IoT is no longer a question for manufacturers striving to stay relevant in a competitive market. Today’s focus is how to bring speed, scalability and security to connected manufacturing. Although progressive manufacturers around the world are already reaping the benefits offered by IoT, the explosion of interconnected technologies still confront them with stubborn challenges; this event tackles these challenges head-on. Join industry trailblazers to realize revenue opportunities and overcome security concerns and the lack of existing standards and interoperability.
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