Accelerating the
Industrial Internet of Things

Retail Edge, IoT Interactive Summit

Retail Edge, IoT Interactive Summit
ECN-Event Creation Network Ltd.
United Kingdom
One American Square, London
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With a $326 billion worldwide retail IoT revenue opportunity predicted by IDC by 2018 its no wonder that 60% of UK retailers already have a dedicated budget for the fast moving and hugely disruptive Internet of Things.

But what does IoT really mean for YOU as a retailer TODAY?

How do you build an IoT strategy or develop the one you have? And why do you need to do it now?
What IoT strategies should you have for your stores, IT, customers, marketing, operations and supply chain?
What do your peers think? How are they reacting to the IoT challenge and embracing the opportunity?
Most importantly, how can leverage IoT to drive profit, customer experience, competitive advantage and efficiency in the new connected world and protect yourself from its risks?

Join us in May at this fresh, retail-focussed, highly interactive learning and networking opportunity to find out the answers!
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