The 1st International Conference on Smart Grid Assisted Internet of Things

The 1st International Conference on Smart Grid Assisted Internet of Things
Sault STE. Marie, Ontario
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This lifeline of our civilization is energy. Sustainable energy systems will dictate the progress of our civilization in the near future since the need to efficiently acquire low-cost, clean, and renewable energy is tremendous. The smart grid has recently emerged as a promising technology to motivate such sustainable energy systems. Researchers, industries, and governments are all trending toward a transformation of the traditional electricity grids into smarter grids where technologies from different disciplines meet to facilitate a real-time alignment of energy demand and supply through a bi-directional communication between the energy provider and its customers. According to many researchers, the smart grid can be considered as one of the strongest and specialized examples of the Internet of Things (IoT) applications within which millions of advanced sensors and interconnected devices, and embedded intelligence will be exploited to offer us better information for controlling our energy world. As the smart grid is expected to be eventually deployed across all utility networks, it will become an even more dominant application domain of the IoT, and may even be referred to as the Internet of energy (IoE). While the smart grid helps bring the IoT closer to reality, it also illustrates many challenges and dangers inherent to the IoT.

This event is likely to open the door to encourage researchers discuss the smart grid challenges, particularly from the IoT point of view to construct energy, control, and information processing systems of the smart grid.
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