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Must Virtual Exhibition - IoT Trends in 2020 Must Virtual Exhibition - IoT Trends in 2020
Jul 07, 2020   -   Jul 09, 2020
Must is a B2B Matchmaking platform, designed to foster High-Tech ecosystem across the value chain. It brings matchmaking tools and infrastructural support to companies by using powerful technologies such as AI algorithms, deep learning driven graph evaluation. Must is pleased to announce today the availability of its 3D/VR Virtual Exhibition Platform with breakthrough networking features. The networking features have been designed not only to increase interactivity between e-exhibitors and e-visitors, but also allow e-visitors to e-meet and network during the Virtual Exhibition. Must Virtual Exhibition is powered by innovative backend tools to help exhibitors to manage their booths, interact with their e-visitors and perform data science analysis.To launch its innovative Virtual Exhibition platform, Must offers to companies and Start-ups specialized in IoT, the possibility to exhibit their products, services and innovation to the entire IoT eco-system. Each exhibitor will have an individual 3D/VR booth with several features, and an access to conferences and broadcasts organized by Must and its partners. Several companies like STMicroelectronics, Renesas, Cogito Instruments, Avnet, GSMA and many others already confirmed their participation."IoT Trends in 2020" is available in 6 languages (Chinese, English, German, French, Spanish and Russian). Attendance will be free of charge for all visitors and exhibitors' employees. They will have access to the exhibition booths, the Conference Room with conferences subtitled in 6 languages, the Forum with its live events such as roundtables, press conference, opening and closing ceremonies, live conferences, and public chatrooms. The visitors will be able to e-meet not only with Exhibitors' representatives but also with other visitors to exchange and to network.This first show "IoT Trends in 2020" will unleash Must Virtual Exhibition platform features and be coated in the 3 E's of Must's values: Equality, Education & Ecology.
Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Material Show 2020 Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Material Show 2020

Jul 08, 2020   -   Jul 11, 2020
Shanghai New International Exhibition Centre(SNIEC), No.2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai, China
The automotive sector is a pillar industry and a key driver for the Chinese economy. While the sector is witnessing strong growth and superb development potential, we are also seeing transformations taking place with the introduction of new automotive technologies, new manufacturing capabilities and a demanding market. Electric, intelligent, shared and internet-connected vehicles are emerging. Keeping pace with industry development and market demand, and exploring the future direction of the industry, AMTS 2020 highlights innovations in intelligent automobile network, lightweight car body structure, AR/VR, automation and smart factory solutions. This exhibition and congress is also an one-stop showcase of the technologies and applications in automotive body stamping, welding and joining, painting, automotive assembly, auto parts machining engineering, assembly and testing, vehicle materials and design, vehicle development and trial production, intelligent production line logistics, quality control and testing by bringing together the world's top auto manufacturing equipment manufacturers and solution providers in Shanghai and provide them with a unique platform to meet the comprehensive lineup of professionals from auto manufacturers, OEMs, system integrators, tier 1&2 suppliers, vehicle and component R&D and manufacturing facilities in the automotive engineering field visiting the show every year.AMTS 2020 will be organized by Reed Exhibitions Hengjin (RHJ), a joint venture (JV) between Reed Exhibitions Great China and Shanghai Forever Exhibition Co., Ltd. RHJ is also a member of Reed Exhibitions Greater China. For the 15th edition of AMTS, 800 exhibitors and more than 80,000 visitors from around the world will network, source, learn and explore together at the event of the year for automotive engineering industry.
Blockchain and Internet of Things Conference Blockchain and Internet of Things Conference
University of Hawaii
Jul 08, 2020   -   Jul 10, 2020
NTU@one-north campus, Singapore
 Blockchain and Internet of Things Conference aim to provide a forum for researchers, practitioners, and professionals from the industry, academia, and government to discourse on research and development, professional practice in Blockchain and the Internet of Things. Welcome scholars and researchers working in the field of Blockchain and the Internet of Things from all over the world to attend the conference and share your experiences and lessons with other enthusiasts, and develop opportunities for cooperation. 
International Webinar on Food Science and Technology International Webinar on Food Science and Technology
Cristine Jones
Jul 13, 2020   -   Jul 14, 2020
1033 Sterling Rd, Unit 104 Herndon, VA 20170 USA
Magnus Group would like to extend an invitation to join our International Webinar on Food Science and Technology “Food Science Virtual 2020” on July 13-14, 2020.” around the Theme: “Foreground for Advanced Researches in Food Science and Food Technology.” The purpose of the Food Science Virtual 2020  is to fill the gap of knowledge sharing that has been laid down by the Covid-19. Join and grab the opportunity to explore the recent advancements and developments in the field of Food Science and Technology. This Food Science Virtual webinar consist of a lecture, presentation, workshop, and seminar.
International Webinar on Plant Science and Molecular Biology
Jul 13, 2020   -   Jul 14, 2020
It is with great pleasure that Magnus group would like to invite you to join us at to our International Webinar on Plant Science and Molecular Biology “Plant Science Virtual 2020” on July 13-14, 2020 entitled in theme: “To Exchange Innovations and Emerging Novel Research in Plant Sciences”.This Plant Science Virtual 2020 conference platform has been settled with the mission to reset the knowledge sharing and receiving which has been paused with the COVID-19.The main objective is to bring together researchers in the field of Plant Science to share and exchange their research work and ideas which will help to light up the challenges and possibilities of Plant Science.
International Webinar on Food Science and Technology International Webinar on Food Science and Technology
Magnus Group
Jul 13, 2020   -   Jul 14, 2020
1033 Sterling Rd, Unit 104 Herndon, VA 20170 USA
Magnus Group would like to extend an invitation to join our International Webinar on Food Science and Technology “Food Science Virtual 2020” on July 13-14, 2020.” around the Theme: “Foreground for Advanced Researches in Food Science and Food Technology.” The purpose of the Food Science Virtual 2020  is to fill the gap of knowledge sharing that has been laid down by the Covid-19. Join and grab the opportunity to explore the recent advancements and developments in the field of Food Science and Technology. This Food Science Virtual webinar consist of a lecture, presentation, workshop, and seminar.Upcoming Food Science Virtual webinar: Food Science Virtual 2020  | Food Science Webinars | Food Science Webinars 2020 | Food Technology Webinars | Food Technology Webinars 2020 | Food Webinars | Online Food Science Conferences | Food Chemistry Webinars | Food Chemistry Webinars 2020For Scientific Sessions PS: For Abstract submission PS: Registration PS: July 13-14, 2020For more details : Email: foodscience@magnusmeetings.comOffice: +1 (702) 988-2320Whatsapp: +1 (434) 381 1007Upcoming Food Science  Webinar: Food Science Virtual 2020  | Food Science Webinar | Food Science Webinars 2020 | Food Technology Webinars | Food Technology Webinars 2020 | Food Webinars | Online Food Science Conferences | Food Chemistry Webinars | Food Chemistry Webinars 2020
International Webinar on Biotechnology and Bioengineering International Webinar on Biotechnology and Bioengineering
Jul 17, 2020   -   Jul 18, 2020
Magnus Group takes pleasure to invite you to join us for the webinar “Biotechnology Virtual 2020” scheduled on July 17-18, 2020.“Biotechnology Virtual 2020”  aims to share and explore the knowledge and also encourages the researchers, scientists and students to speak and globalize their research leading to the new pathways to get engaged with the new ideas in the field of Biotechnology and Bioengineering.
Industry of Things World Asia Industry of Things World Asia
Jul 20, 2020   -   Jul 21, 2020
Sands Expo and Convention Centre, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956
Coming back for the 3rd year, Industry of Things World Asia is the only event running over 3 days that focuses on the impact of the industrial IoT on business models and production processes across all major industries focusing on the Asian region. This event is part of the award-winning Industry of Things World global event series and has turned into the meeting point for senior executives wanting to deepen their knowledge and broaden their network in the Industrial Internet space. With a special focus on automation, M2M communication, interoperability, analytics, new business models, this is the must-attend industrial event for 2019.
2020 The 14th International Internet of Things Exhibition - ShenZhen 2020 The 14th International Internet of Things Exhibition - ShenZhen
Jul 29, 2020   -   Jul 31, 2020
ShenZhen Convention & Exhibition Center, China
The 14th IoT Exhibition of IOTE 2020 covers the IoT perception layer (MEMS, RFID, smart cards, sensors, barcodes, biometrics, video surveillance), network transmission layer ( NB-IoT, LoRa, 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G, eSIM, ZigBee, Bluetooth, GPRS, WIFI, UWB, Z-wave), computing and platform layers (cloud computing, edge computing, cloud platforms, big data and data security, Artificial intelligence), and the application layer (smart city, smart home, real-time precise positioning, smart retail, unmanned sales, industry 4.0, smart logistics, government technology). 
TAIPEI Automation 2020 TAIPEI Automation 2020
Chan Chao Internation
Aug 19, 2020   -   Aug 22, 2020
Automation Taipei focuses on the following areas:Automated industry, robot technology, industrial automation communication technology and software, hardware tools and plant equipment, machine tool equipment.
Smart Manufacturing & Monitech Taiwan 2020 Smart Manufacturing & Monitech Taiwan 2020
TEEIA; Chan Chao International
Aug 26, 2020   -   Aug 28, 2020
Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1 ,4F, No.1, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang District, Taipei City 11568, Taiwan
International Built Environment Week (IBEW) International Built Environment Week (IBEW)
Building and Construction Authority (BCA)
Sep 01, 2020   -   Sep 04, 2020
10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018956
The International Built Environment Week (IBEW) is the first fully-integrated event in the Asia Pacific covering the entire built environment value chain. Organised by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and supported by 12 Trade Associations and Chambers, the event will convene under the theme “Innovation: Powering Sustainable and Smarter Cities”.The IBEW 2020 will bring together over 12,000 industry leaders and businesses from the global built environment sector for rich exchanges of innovative ideas, and showcase the best of innovations in sector.
International Conference on Mechanical and Automobile Engineering International Conference on Mechanical and Automobile Engineering
Ivaan Smith
Sep 02, 2020   -   Sep 04, 2020
MAME Germany 2020 aims to become the leading annual global conference in fields related to Automobile and Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical and Automobile Engineering Conferences 2020 invites all members from over the globe to attend the  "International Conference on Mechanical and Automobile Engineering" during September 2-4, 2020 in Munich, Germany.MAME Germany 2020 will focus on various topics in Automobile Engineering and the conference theme is “Future Advancements and Automobile Milestones”.Encounter Persuade Speakers and Industrial Experts at our technological Conference in Germany. International Conference on Automobile Engineering 2020 will make a situation where every one of the researchers, R & D personnel, industry experts, manufacturers, and understudies can assemble in a solitary stage to share their perspectives and encounters in the various fragments of the innovations. Automobile conference 2020 is a place where the transfer of experience, Innovative thoughts and different technologies from different countries occur.
International Conference on Mining and Mineralogy International Conference on Mining and Mineralogy
Sep 02, 2020   -   Sep 04, 2020
International Conference on Mining and Mineralogy (ICMM Germany 2020) aim is to focus on new trends in the different fields of Mining and Minerals that are the major departments in engineering. This is a significant conference which brings Scientist, Researchers, Engineers, and Students together in the field of Mining and Mineralogy.This Mining and Mineral Resource Conference is going to be held on Sep 02-04, 2020 in Germany. The theme of the conference is “Exploring Modern Technologies and Challenges in Mining & Minerals”. Mining Conference 2020 is the best platform to learn the latest updates and share knowledge with the Mining professionals across the world. International Conference on Mineral resource will address exceptionally significant issues of the Mining Sector and will concentrate on the huge commitment of Advances in Mineral Resources.
International Conference on Civil Engineering and Architectural Design International Conference on Civil Engineering and Architectural Design
Dannie Shrav
Sep 02, 2020   -   Sep 04, 2020
International Conference on Civil Engineering and Architectural Design will be held at Munich, Germany during September 02-04, 2020. CEAD Germany 2020 features the theme “Innovations, Outcomes and New Technologies in Civil Engineering and Architecture”. Civil engineering conference 2020 particularly portrays the instructive, innovative work across the world. CEAD Germany 2020 mainly aims to give a stage to the specialists and experts from both academic and industry to meet the present cutting edge development in the field.CEAD Germany 2020 will make an ideal stage for worldwide, as it unites famous speakers, specialists, business people over the globe, with a generally energizing and important logical occasion loaded up with a lot of edifying intuitive sessions, world class display, Oral and publication introductions. Civil engineering conference 2020 show’s a goal to furnish the development, business with a profoundly engaged entryway to learn, arrange and exploit the significant developments and Learning.Architectural Design internationally endeavors towards accomplishing greatness in the dynamic, of the considerable number of scientist’s information, innovation and attempts to separate, coordinate the considerations of institutes and specialists around the world. In addition, a developing population implies that new water frameworks will be required while the growing, existing water frameworks must be kept up to decrease or dispose leaks of drinkable water.
Smart Cities & Buildings (SCB) Asia 2020 Smart Cities & Buildings (SCB) Asia 2020
Reed Exhibitions Singapore
Sep 02, 2020   -   Sep 04, 2020
Sands Expo and Convention Centre
Smart Cities & Buildings (SCB) Asia is the region’s unique marketplace showcasing the latest innovations in smart facility management, security & surveillance, smart construction, Internet of Things and Smart City Adoption.With strategic focus on smart solutions, SCB Asia together with other co-located events is part of the International Built Environment Week (IBEW) organized by the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore and supported by 12 Trade Associations & Chambers. 12,500 skilled professionals in the built environment sector, will gather in Singapore, for the largest ever Built Environment Event.For more information about the exhibition, visit or contact us at
Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology - SIBT Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology - SIBT
messe frankfurt
Sep 02, 2020   -   Sep 04, 2020
Hall W3-W4, Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China (PC 201204)
Being known as the leading platform for China’s intelligent building industry, the fair organizers have collaborated with the Intelligent Engineering Branch of the China Exploration and Design Association to present innovative intelligent building technologies and solutions related to IoT, cloud computing, big data, building energy efficiency, energy management systems, and intelligent hotels. SIBT aims to cultivate new building concepts that will help realize the ultimate goal of widespread sustainable buildings.
Asia IoT Business Platform 2020 Asia IoT Business Platform 2020
Asia IoT Business Platform
Sep 02, 2020   -   Sep 03, 2020
With a focus on local telecommunication companies, government bodies, and verticals, Asia IoT Business Platform is a premier business program crafted by the industry, for the industry. The program aims to address key issues facing the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) technology in ASEAN. We drive enterprises to understand and learn about the adoption of IoT for their businesses, and connect international IoT solution providers with their prospective clients and partners in the local markets for their regional business development. 
Formnext + PM South China Formnext + PM South China

Sep 09, 2020   -   Sep 11, 2020
Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center, ShenZhen, China
Anticipated to welcome over 10,000 visitors and host more than 200 exhibitors from around the world across approximately 20,000 sqm of exhibition space, Formnext + PM South China will bring a brand new experience to China’s manufacturing industry, covering an array of advanced technology, equipment and products under the categories of materials, powder metallurgy, additive manufacturing, design, software and processing technologies.
International Manufacturing Technology Show 2020 International Manufacturing Technology Show 2020

Sep 14, 2020   -   Sep 19, 2020
McCormick Place, 2301 S Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60616 USA
IMTS 2020 will be the 33rd edition of the Premier Manufacturing Technology show in North America. Industry professionals from all over the world visit IMTS to see and experience more than 15,000 new machine tools, controls, computers, software, components, systems and processes that will solve their manufacturing challenges and improve their efficiency.
Automotive Linux Summit Automotive Linux Summit
The Linux Foundation
Sep 15, 2020   -   Sep 16, 2020
Tokyo Conference Center Ariake Tokyo, Japan
 Automotive Linux Summit gathers the most innovative minds from automotive expertise and open-source excellence.This includes automotive system engineers, Linux experts, R&D managers, business executives, open-source licensing and compliance specialists and community developers. The event connects the developer community driving the innovation in this area together with the vendors and users providing and using the code in order to drive the future of embedded devices in the automotive arena.
IoT Innovation North America IoT Innovation North America
Sep 16, 2020   -   Sep 17, 2020
IoT Innovation North America (September 16-17, Chicago) is a conference specifically focused on cutting edge, innovative IoT projects and technology. Born from the first IoT event in the United States, IoT North America, this event will cover advanced IoT technologies using artificial intelligence, 5G networks, Blockchain, advanced IoT sensor technology, fiber optics, Big Data, The Cloud, Edge Computing, enhanced security, and advanced technologies that are taking the connected world to a new level.IoT Innovation North America will feature two days of sessions, an exhibit hall, and numerous networking opportunities to engage with speakers, sponsors, and fellow attendees.
Euro-Global Climate Change Conference Euro-Global Climate Change Conference
Magnus GROUP
Sep 18, 2020   -   Sep 19, 2020
Campanile Roissy-En-France Hotel Roissy Park Activity Area - Allee Des Vergers 95700 Roissy in France, Paris, France
We are glad to invite you to the Euro-Global Climate Change Conference 2020 which is going to commence from 18-19 September 2020 at Paris, France.The Climate Change Conferences 2020 Paris demonstrates how to assess the risks of environment and to identify the different types of causative agents that leads to climate change and global warming. It also provides an overview of various types of procedures that are used to assess the environment risk for controlling the pollution of air, land & water.Climate Change 2020 provides a plat form for exchange of novel types of technologies that reduce the emission of carbon monoxide containing gases, infertility of soil, improves the nutrient resources in the soil, and recycles wastewater. The conference highlights about the advanced environmental engineering methods which safeguard our environment from the severe impacts of climate change.EGCCC 2020 conference provides an extensive information about the dangerous industrial by-products’ discharging effects to the environment and also it discusses about taking the necessary measures to minimise these impacts by using various advanced technologies.
Industry of Things World Industry of Things World
Sep 21, 2020   -   Sep 22, 2020
Berlin Congress Center, Berlin, Germany
Industry of Things World is an international knowledge exchange platform bringing together the largest European community of high-level cross-industry executives who play an active role in the Industrial Internet of Things scene. Rethink your technology & business strategy for scalable, secure and efficient IoT: artificial intelligence, automation, standards, interoperability, cloud, new business models & digital transformation!
5G Asia 2020 5G Asia 2020
Informa Connect
Sep 21, 2020   -   Sep 23, 2020
Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore
5G Asia is the next technology, the next generation and next big leap in mobile connectivity. This event features are executive keynotes- Inspiring thought-leaders, defining the direction of the industry will share their vision for the next decade and beyond, focus day workshops-explore the new challenges and requirements 5G brings with our dedicated workshops, antenna evolution, network security, GTI workshop, 5G regulation, standards and spectrum, and etc, new 5G practice track, etc.
QuBit Conference Prague 2020 QuBit Conference Prague 2020
QuBit Conference
Sep 23, 2020   -   Sep 24, 2020
7th annual cyber community conference QuBit offers its delegates as usual excellent speakers, leading edge topics, keynotes, case studies, panel discussions and popular networking events.September 23-24, are two full days, where conference is running in two parallel tracks (cyber and management). Our sessions are strictly educational, we allow only one marketing presentation, preferably case study as QuBit listens to its audience and offer only quality and valuable presentations and partners who are helping to improve current state of environment. The Cybersecurity Conference in CEE region.Practical workshops, excellent speakers, educational session, news & networking.The CEE region conference on cybersecurity held again in Prague – “Rooftop of Europe” and Bohemian capital in April, 2020. Community partners and professionals from all over the world gather for one day of hands-on Training and two full days of engaging and inspiring sessions brought to you by some of the brightest minds in the cyber space.16+ Countries34 Educational sessions130+ Companies225+ Attendees each yearOver the past 6 years, QuBit has grown to be a leading cyber security community event in CEE region. Already 5 years bringing you the latest cybersecurity news and valuable information.QuBit Conference brings the latest information to the cyber community of Central Europe from the western world closer and to help spread the word that security matters as the Internet and IT tools are now accessible. It creates a unique way to meet the best and the brightest minds in the information security fields across multiple industries, and all carrier levels.•220 + C-level managers, experts & practitioners at unique cyber community event•Excellent speakers and educational sessions•Popular networking events, peer to peer meeting opportunities•Pre- conference hands-on full day trainings  
Bangladesh Smart City Expo & Conference Bangladesh Smart City Expo & Conference
Redcarpet365 Ltd
Sep 24, 2020   -   Sep 26, 2020
International Convention City Bashundhara - ICCB
EVENT PROFILE: After getting tremendous response in the 1st edition RedCarpet365 Ltd is organizing 2nd Bangladesh Smart City Expo & Conference, to be held from 24 to 26 September 2020 at Int’l Convention City Bashundhara - ICCB, Dhaka – Bangladesh. The expo will feature main aspects that needed to settle up a smart city includes: Urban Planning, IoT, Fintech, Smart Device, Sustainable Development, Cyber Security, Environment, Smart Energy, Construction & Technology. The recent introduction of online shopping, UBER, Pathao etc in transport sector, online ticket purchase,  BKASH / Rocket for money transaction has given us a taste of Smart / Digital City. Due to development of both urbanization and ICT and economic growth contributed to increase well-being, mainly in the greater urban areas and the NEXT STEP is to evolve SMART CITY.Our last edition got endorsement & support from Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC).  On the other hand, These Exhibitions were Endorsed by Bangladesh Solar & Renewable Energy Association (BSREA) and National Housing Authority (NHA). PricewaterhouseCoopers Bangladesh Pvt Ltd has become our Knowledge Partner.  The Strategic Partners for these exhibitions were Association of Mobile Telecom Operators of Bangladesh (AMTOB), Dhaka Mass Transit Co., Ltd (DMTCL), House Building Research Institute (HBRI) and Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation (BPC). We have also incorporated foreign partners with this expo, from India - Infosec Foundation has become the Cyber Community Partner and Cyber Security Malaysia is the Cyber Security Partner of SmartCity Expo. Ngage360 Ltd was the Promotion Partner and Bangladesh Innovation Forum was the Innovation Partner of Smart City expo.We have also witnessed Government leaders, city administrators, urban planners, architects, industry experts, NGO’s, other countries, ICT and other technology organizations, buildings, construction, energy, transportation, water industries, organizations - involved in improving city infrastructure relevant to creating smart and sustainable areas from Home & Abroad joined these mega exhibitions.Bangladesh's GDP grew 7.2% at FY 2018 – 19 and became 2nd fastest growing economy. The Social & Economic development of Bangladesh sees huge progress in recent years. The contribution of Cities to GDP in Bangladesh is 60% and Dhaka city is contributing 30% alone. There is no alternate to keep the cities active and productive for sake of economy. Some of those cities are struggling to survive but on the other hand some of the cities transformed to SMART CITIES. These Smart Cities need proper urban planning, sustainable development, environment, energy grid, economic development, technologies, social participation etc.These cities are often linking together technological informational transformations with economic, political and socio-cultural change and integration and adaption. Smart City is a broad concept including many aspects of urban life, such as urban planning, sustainable development, environment, energy grid, economic development, technologies, social participation, and so on; therefore, also the word smart assumes a large range of meanings, linked with its different field of application.This exhibition will also focus on the untapped sectors that important for Bangladesh to Sustain the Economic & Social development. Besides, the participants will be able to identify business contacts with prospect of entering into subsequent business negotiations, So it’s time to roll up our sleeves and use above discussed opportunities by Bangladesh Smart City Expo & Conference 2020.WHO CAN PARTICIPATE IN THIS FAIR – PROFILE OF EXHIBITORSSmart EnergyRenewable Energy; clean energy; solar energy; LPG, Gas gen; Smart Grid Technologies; Solar LED’s, Solar & wind energy storage, Smart Power & Energy etc.Urban PlanningCity planners / architects / buildings / skywalks / walkways / cycle tracks / BRTs / parks / play-grounds / hospitals / educational institutions / street lighting, etc.Smart CommunicationMobile Apps; Mobile Networks;  Communication Infrastructure; Social Network; Communication Devices; Ecommerce; Data Management; Smart device etc. Smart WaterWater harvesting; Water purification and treatment; Water saving devices; Water pollution monitoring; Water management systems; Water utilities; Wastewater management; Waste treatment and equipment etc.Smart LivingHome Controllers; Sensors;  Smart Lighting; Home Appliance; Smart Locks, Door & Window; Furniture; Smart Climate Controls; Smart Accessories etc.IoT – Internet of ThingsApp Development, AI, Cloud Services, Connectivity Modules, Data Analytics, Data Science, Industrial IoT,  IoT Solutions, M2M Solutions, Robotics, Smart lighting, Telecommunications, Wearables etc.Cyber SecurityProducts and solutions for Cyber & IT security including: Physical IT security, Services/ consulting/ research in IT security, Access Control & Biometrics, Surveillance & CCTV, Cyber Security, PA Systems etcSmart ConstructionBuilding Materials; Construction Companies; Construction Equipment & Tools; Steel Building & Metal Structure; Earthquake and disaster management; Elevators / escalators / autowalks; Fire & Safety; Flooring/Floor Systems; Paints and wall finishes; Smart / Green buildings; Smart Lighting; Toilets & sanitation; Waste Management; improved indoor air quality; etc.Smart EducationSmart GovernanceSmart Health FINTECH / Smart PaymentOnline Payment Gateway; E wallet; Digital Payment Systems; Mobile Banking; ATM; Credit Card; Debit Card; Online Payment Portals  etc.Sustainable EnvironmentAir, land and water pollution controls; Water and waste water management; Solar applications; Battery recycling; Air pollution control; Green buildings; Waste management / recycling etc.Smart TransportElectric and Hybrid Vehicles; Alternative Fuels Vehicles; Connected / Autonomous Vehicles; Public Transportation; Traffic Control Rooms; Smart Parking; Intelligent Transport Systems; Autonomous vehicles; Aviation, Ride Sharing  etc.Smart Device & Gadget Mobile Device, Laptops, Computers, accessories, Smart Watch, Technology, Robotics, Sustainable Resource Management; ICT Infrastructure; Online Store, Data Management etc.
QuBit Conference Belgrade 2020 QuBit Conference Belgrade 2020
QuBit Conference
Oct 01, 2020   -   Oct 01, 2020
3rd annual cybersecurity QuBit Conference to Belgrade consists of one day full of educational presentations, keynotes, case studies and interactive panel discussions in QuBit way providing community spirit as well as great networking opportunities.Not to mention popular Pre-conference hands on training held a day before conference.QuBit Conference Belgrade highlights 2019:One full Conference Day includes leading edge topics, keynotes, case studies and panel discussions.Pre-conference hands-on full day training.80+ C-level managers, influencers, experts & representatives of unique cyber community event.12+ Excellent Speakers  and educational sessions.International audience from more than 15 countires of the world .Up to 20 CPE Credits.Popular networking events, peer to peer meeting opportunities. About QuBit ConferenceQuBit is a Cybersecurity Community Event connecting the East and West and it is already the 7th year on the cybersecurity market in CEE region. Based on the success in Prague, QuBit expanded further and brought educational conference also to SEE region.QuBit strive to bring together and build a cybersecurity community of like-minded fellows. Our mission is to create a community of knowledge and information sharing for the industry’s experts and professionals through networking & education events. ​Call for speakers is already opened. Session length: 20-40 minutesQuestion & Answer: 5 minutesProposals and presentations must be in English.The presentation abstract should outline your presentation and what attendees will learn. All content must be strictly educational.Sales or marketing proposals will not be accepted unless you are a sponsoring vendor. No fees are required to submit a proposal, and QuBit generally does not pay per diem, honoraria, or expenses.What we look for:new speakers with original, innovative and creative topic and session outlinereal-life stories, strategies and mind opening ideas, case studies that Conference Attendees can apply to their jobs
Advanced Design & Manufacturing Expo 2020 Advanced Design & Manufacturing Expo 2020

Oct 07, 2020   -   Oct 08, 2020
Palais des congrès de Montréal, 1001 Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle Montréal (Québec) H2Z 1H2, Canada
The Advanced Design & Manufacturing (ADM) Expo brings the region's leading advanced manufacturing brands–PACKEX, Expoplast, Automation Technology Expo (ATX), Design & Manufacturing, and Powder & Bulk Solids (PBS)–together for one ground-breaking event, offering you more exposure and lead opportunities to expand your business. ADM Montréal offers everything from design to manufacturing—concept to market—with free content available throughout the event at Center Stage. We've added more suppliers, products, and networking opportunities to help you take your projects, company, and career to all-new heights.No matter where you are in your project development lifecycle, find the most advanced techniques and industry best practices at the Advanced Design & Manufacturing Expo. See the latest technology, source the right solutions from the industry's top suppliers, and find everything you need to move your business forward. All in one place. Right in your own backyard.
Industrial IoT USA Summit Industrial IoT USA Summit
QG Media
Oct 13, 2020   -   Oct 14, 2020
Chicago, IL
The 4th Industrial Internet of Things Summit is set in a hyperconnected world where the drive of the 4th industrial revolution continues to accelerate forward.  With the Industrial Internet, manufacturers are taking advantage of key business opportunities in the areas of operational efficiency, the emergence of an outcome economy, new connected ecosystems and collaboration between humans and machines. But to realize the full potential of the Industrial Internet, businesses and governments need to overcome a number of important hurdles. security and data privacy, the lack of interoperability among existing systems, uncertain return on investments on new technologies, connectivity outages, the lack of data governance rules across geographic boundaries and a shortage of digital talent.IIoT USA brings together 120+ digital transformation leaders for 2-days of in-depth knowledge exchange, strategy planning and insight building over 13th & 14th October, in Chicago. Expect to be inspired, educated and energised, with new ideas to take-away and try in your organisation as part of this forward-thinking agenda.**25% Discount on conference passes with code: IOTONE