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A Simple Framework for Designing IoT Products

Published on 08/03/2017 | Technology

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IoT University

ThingWorx. PTC Inc.


This course presents a simple framework for planning the design of smart, connected products. To bring the topic to life we present a series of lectures and use cases that cover design strategies, opportunities and challenges associated with creating IoT products.

The course is free to attend and can be accessed here.

Level: Beginner                Type: Seminar                  Duration: 1 Hour

Language: English           Company: PTC Inc.

Course Milestones:

1. Get Started: This milestone presents the course overview and materials. 

2. Designing IoT Products: In this milestone, we provide a series of lectures and use cases centered on designing smart, connected products. The topics include presenting a simple design framework, design challenges and opportunities, and several use cases.

3. Wrap-up: In this milestone, we provide additional resources for you to explore after completing the course. 


Interest in design, technology innovation, IoT, smart connected products

Learning Outcomes

1. Know how to identify five essential elements of a smart, connected product

2. Understand the business implications of smart, connected products

3. Use a design framework to create IoT product concepts

4. Access leading industry research and resources

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