Accelerating the
Industrial Internet of Things

Charting Your IoT Course

Published on 05/30/2017 | Technology

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Accelerating the Adoption of Industrial Internet of Things.


Each iteration of the Internet brings immense opportunities. Graphical browsers fueled e-commerce and the dot-com rush of the 1990s. Social media revolutionized communication and content creation in the 2000s. And now, the Internet of Things (IoT) is rede ning how information is gathered, transmitted, and interpreted.

The potential of IoT is clearly vast. Gartner estimates that 26 billion IoT devices will be connected by 2020, IDC estimates 28 billion, and Cisco Systems estimates 50 billion3. Whichever of these gures is closest to the truth, change is coming fast, and the in uence of IoT is increasingly visible around us.

To take advantage of the revolutionary opportunities of IoT, device manufacturers, application developers, systems integrators, and enterprises need to understand the multiple design issues that must be considered with IoT projects.

This paper explores the key decision points that companies entering the IoT space will need to address, and describes how the Wind River® HelixTM portfolio of software, tools, and services can help organizations harness the enormous potential of IoT to improve and transform their businesses.


You can read and download the full report on Wind River here

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