Accelerating the
Industrial Internet of Things


Published on 05/30/2017 | Technology

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Accelerating the Adoption of Industrial Internet of Things.


Innovation is the life-blood of industries, communities and economies. The Internet of Things (IoT), and the projected 50 billion connected devices (by 2020) it will enable, represents arguably the single greatest innovation opportunity in the world today. By connecting an ever-increasing universe of intelligent, distributed devices, we will operate a smarter, safer and more productive society, eliminating waste and creating new businesses from the great urban centers to the most remote of villages.

Imagine a world where people and their surroundings are completely interactive, and optimized with little or no cost. Where public lighting is aware of someone walking beneath and adaptively brightens the path; where the traffic patterns are adjusted real-time due to congestion or pollution levels; or where buildings and homes adjust their behavior based upon signals sent from the buildings next door. In this new world, physical devices will become ‘smart’ to their surroundings and their existence – was the shipment dropped in transit? Was the food exposed to heat and spoiled? Are the roads and bridges on the verge of collapse?

This new connectivity and awareness will create massive ef ciencies in what we build, how we use and what we do, creating new business opportunities at all levels of the economy. Cities will spend their capital more judiciously, tiny start-ups will create new devices and applications, communities will shift their limited resources from repair to prevention.


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