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Fundamentals of IoT Development with ThingWorx

Published on 08/03/2017 | Technology

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IoT University

ThingWorx. PTC Inc.


This introductory course will teach you how to model, connect, analyze, and build Internet of Things applications using ThingWorx, an industry-class platform used by developers across the globe. The course is centered on a project where you build an automated IoT system and is supported by lectures and hands-on tutorial exercises.

The course is free to attend and can be accessed here.

Level: Beginner                Type: Tutorial                    Duration: 8 Hours

Platform: ThingWorx     Language: English           Company: PTC Inc.

Course Milestones:

1. Get Started: This milestone provides an overview of the course goals, structures and outcomes. You will learn what smart connected products are, understand their complexity and identify their core components. In addition, you setup your ThingWorx account to get ready for course exercises.

2. Introduction to IoT: In this milestone we will define the Internet of Things, look at systems from an IoT perspective and explore how this technology is becoming the new reality. We will introduce the ThingWorx Development Process, the core framework for the rest of the course.

3. Project 1, ThingWorx Development Process: In this milestone we will set the stage with a story and context to build our IoT application. We will look at all of the parts of the ThingWorx Development Process in more detail, jump on the ThingWorx platform and walk through the first project for the course.

4. Project 2, Experience: In this milestone we will recap the story and discuss the second project of the course. You will learn the four capabilities of a smart connected product, and better understand why companies would want to implement an IoT solution.

5. Project 2, Model: In this milestone we will dig deeper into the "Thing Model," the anatomy of a "Thing" in ThingWorx, and how to use this for scalability. We will also take a look at a 1:1 deployment architecture, then apply this information in Project 2.

6. Project 2, Analyze: In this milestone we will take a look at the data ecosystem and explore on a high level how to leverage this ecosystem. We will discuss different types of data analytics, then apply these concepts in ThingWorx by creating subscriptions, alerts and state definitions.

7. Project 2, Connect: In this milestone you will learn about different connectivity network infrastructures, basic communication and the various ways to send data in IoT systems to the cloud. You will also learn about Agents and RESTful web services and the options available to move data from the edge into the cloud on ThingWorx using Postman.

8. Project 2, Build: In this milestone you will learn what Applications are inside ThingWorx, how data is orchestrated from the edge to the cloud, and how to trade that data for value. You will learn about ThingWorx widgets, mashup components and how these bind with data, and end by finalizing and testing your IoT application.

9. Wrap-up: Access additional resources to continue building your IoT knowledge and skills.


1. This introductory course is for all learners

2. There are no pre-requisites

3. You don't have to be a programmer to do this course

Learning Outcomes

1. Identify IoT use cases and capabilities

2. Understand how to model the physical world in ThingWorx

3. Understand how to connect to ThingWorx via RESTful web services

4. Build an end-user web application to display IoT data and functions

5. Analyze data using simple analytics in an IoT platform

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