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IBM’s Watson will predict the future

Published on 10/25/2016 | Technology

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Lynne Slowey

Lynne has joined the IoT Watson team to focus on content strategy. Her background includes the delivery of Virtual Reality content to inspire travel customers.



It’s been five years since Watson won Jeopardy, and how far we’ve come. It’s is out in the world, at work, and available to everyone. Watson is available in 45 countries, covers over 20 industries, 3 billion people, and speaks 9 languages.

Simply put, a world with Watson is a better place.

This morning we were all welcomed to the World of Watson by John Kelly III. And he reminisced back to August 2007, and the day where a team of Artificial Intelligence (AI) researchers approached him with the idea to create and build the first AI cognitive computer systems. A system that would deal with vast quantities of unstructured data and change the world.

It was a gamble, the brightest minds had tried to do this and failed, but the IBM team tried.

And in February 2011 that machine won Jeopardy.

It’s not just a game show, it’s the next era of computing

Since winning Jeopardy Watson has gone on to change the world, and is transforming decision making.

Watson has gone from a game show to an oncology assistant in just five years. But where can we go from here?

Watson in 3 – 5 years

John E Kelly III believes that:

• Every medical professional will want to consult with Watson before creating a medical plan

• Every company will consult with it on mergers and major business decisions

What about in 10 years’ time?

Tech is accelerating fast, and it’s pretty impossible to guess. But John has on prediction:

         • In ten years’ time Watson will be able to predict the future

Not so long ago IBM was asked if Watson would be able to be creative. And in just a short time we have Chef Watson, and he can write songs.

It will build a model of the world, and reason, and be able to predict the future. In fact in lots of ways it already can. IBM’s Watson can already say whether a diabetic will have a hypoglycemic episode over 3 hours before it happens. It will be able to predict human events, natural events, and illness.

And when that happens we will have truly changed the world.


This post was originally published on IBM's IoT blog, by Lynne Slowey. Twitter: @lynslow

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