Accelerating the
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Industrial PC Trends

Published on 05/29/2017 | Technology

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Accelerating the Adoption of Industrial Internet of Things.


As a means of providing highly customized solutions without modifying the guts of an IPC, iDoor Technology presages a trend in IPC implementation. Using standardized components and interfaces allows the automation platform, and therefore the integrator, to leverage current state-of-the art technologies as well as up and coming IPC trends. Other added benefits include, the ability to develop your own MiniPCIe card, your own exclusive iDoor Technology functions, and even iDoor shell colors (such as combining your company logo).

For instance, as embedded OS improvements and higher performance storage methods become widely available in industry, the IPC supplier is able to seamlessly integrate them into the product line and make these new technologies quickly accessible and available to their customers.

The advanced IPC supplier not only provides the updated technologies, but also able to leverage specific functional modules designed for highly distinctive industries such as energy, food & beverage, and transportation.

This promises to be a leading IPC trend as it delivers a host of benefits. This White Paper will examine these benefits, and will show how this concept enables users to access a spectrum of technologies that can be optimized for their solution. The White Paper will also discuss other important IPC trends, and show how each will benefit users.


You can read and download the full report on Advantech here

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