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IoT Modeling 1 with ThingWorx

Published on 08/03/2017 | Technology

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IoT University

ThingWorx. PTC Inc.


This course dives deep into the Model stage of the ThingWorx Development Process and is organized around a framework designed to take a user-based approach to IoT solution design. Students identify who their users are, where the data is coming from in their system, follow a decision tree to design an IoT Model in ThingWorx, then create a data strategy to guide the creation of properties, services, events and subscriptions. The course is organized around a project set in the context of smart connected operations for a manufacturing system on the planet of Mars. It is recommended that you complete the Fundamentals of IoT Development with ThingWorx before taking this course.

The course is free to attend and can be accessed here.

Level: Intermediate                 Type: Tutorial                    Duration: 8 Hours

Platform: ThingWorx     Language: English           Company: PTC Inc.

Course Milestones:

1. Get Started: In this milestone, we review why IoT is so complex, as well as concepts from the Fundamentals of IoT Development with ThingWorx. We also introduce the framework that will guide the direction of the rest of the course.

2. Project Introduction: In this milestone, we introduce the story and setting of the course as well as the IoT system you will model in this course. Students will also create their first "project" in ThingWorx.

3. Power System: Users and Organizations: In this milestone, we identify who our users are in the Power System, and introduce user access and control concepts. Students will learn how to create role-based access to ThingWorx and the Model, controlling what users can see and do inside of ThingWorx. Students will then create the user model for the Power System in ThingWorx.

4. Power System: Edge Deployment Strategy: In this milestone we conceptually walk through where our data is coming from in our Power System. We discuss different edge deployment strategies, helping us to visualize where and how data arrives in our IoT cloud.

5. Power System: Model Composition: In this milestone we introduce common patterns for modeling in ThingWorx. We introduce a couple of frameworks to help guide your decision making when it comes to generating your IoT Model, as well as, strategies for changing the model once it has been created. You will then create the model for the Power System in ThingWorx.

6. Power System: Data Strategy: In this milestone we introduce a concept called "data strategy", learning about which data to send to the IoT cloud as well as when to send it. We also introduce a few new data structures in ThingWorx. You will then implement a data strategy for the Power System in ThingWorx as properties, services, events and subscriptions. 7. Wrap-up: In this milestone we close out the course and recognize all the folks who contributed to the creation of it.


Fundamentals of IoT Development with ThingWorx

Learning Outcomes

1. Strategies and techniques for creating a user-centered model in ThingWorx

2. Ability to identify where data originates from in IoT systems

3. Ability to implement user access and control in ThingWorx

4. Ability to implement role-based grouping

5. Understanding of data structures in ThingWorx

6. Ability to implement a complex model in ThingWorx

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