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IoT ONE Index: Top 100 Industrial IoT Companies Index – Top 5 Companies for Innovation

Published on 06/08/2017 | IoT Index

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Daniel Stephen

Analyst . IoT ONE


This week we refocus our attention on the Top 100 IIoT Companies Index but with special attention to the top 5 industry leaders in innovation. The reason these companies have achieved such success is due in part to the robustness of their signature IIoT platforms of as well as the innovative application of these platforms to solve challenging real-world problems. Hence, this is exactly what we have highlighted below. Click on the links to read more: 

  1. GE Predix - Predicting Eruptions in the Masaya Volcano with wireless Sensors

  2. Cisco Jasper - Transforming Insurance Pricing while Improving Driver Safety 

  3. IBM WatsonHarnessing Real-time Data to Give a Holistic Picture of Patient Health 

  4. ARMmbed - Smart Concrete Monitoring

  5. SAP Leonardo - Enabling Rocket Science


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