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Putting Industrial IoT to work - Getting to ROI in Industry 4.0

Published on 12/01/2016 | Operations

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Fabrice Marguerite

Fabrice is highly motivated at sustaining Innovations and completing business growth in High-Tech environments (Energy, Telecommunications, Automotive, and Aerospace) by leveraging innovation marketing and value co-creation.



Industry 4.0 is a long run of 10 years with many obstacles to overcome: worldwide standards, safety, and security, new regulations, education training, new business models.

Agility drives ROI

The landscape is not fixed and many changes could appear during this decade. Therefore AGILITY is positioned as the driving factor of the strategy:

- Flexible / agile IoT platforms to cope rapidly with any new requirements that may rise

- People empowerment / HR investment as they will feed the platform analytics

- Machine Learning usage in order to embed algorithms (recap of specialists experiences) and run agile analytics

Despite these above challenges, the Industry 4.0 revolution is unavailable and is in the agenda of key decision makers* (CEO…), all the most since the context and the area of opportunities speak for:

- New production processes like 3D printing are streamlining IoT for factory of the future.

- Factories are eager to collaborate with non-centric-product departments and external stakeholders as they are aware about the need to shift from a strict focus on the product to a global picture consideration (logistics, feed-backs, feed-forwards).

- Productivity gains are expected through, for example, a faster integration of machines into a manufacturing chain (few weeks to connect a machine in the past vs few hours today vs “plug & play” in the future) or a zero-maintenance target (machine are here to produce and not to consume maintenance!!!).

- 20-30% of stock level reduction is foreseen (the right material at the right time, where the machine needs it).

(*): As a matter of fact, Carrefour group and Objenious (Bouygues Telecom affiliate), are currently co-developing an IoT LoRaWAN solution to track industrial trolleys into the stores, into the warehouses and in transit between the stores and the warehouses.

LoRaWAN Network Server Support

SAGEMCOM as a major player in the IoT landscape, is the preferred supplier of LoRaWAN Network Server and base stations for Bouygues Telecom (Objenious).

Link: Objenious and Carrefour IoT initiative

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