Accelerating the
Industrial Internet of Things

The Developer’s IoT Playbook: What to Expect and Where to Turn to Fast-Track Your IoT Initiatives

Published on 05/29/2017 | Technology

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Accelerating the Adoption of Industrial Internet of Things.


Organizations with Internet of Things (IoT) projects should seek technology suppliers that o er a centralized and comprehensive suite of services and tools but also support a diverse community of IoT developers who can support and innovate for a wide range of IoT projects.

IT and line-of-business stakeholders with IoT development agendas that evaluate

such o erings should look for solutions that re ect the unique but also highly diverse requirements of IoT projects. O erings should be dimensioned to permit exible sourcing and consumption of services, tools, and support resources. They should also be accessible to the diverse range of mobile, embedded, and other developers now actively targeting IoT projects.

Organizations that leverage this type of service-oriented IoT solution stand to realize cost, e ciency, time-to-market, scale, security, and overall competitive bene ts. At a macro level, this type of solution stands to accelerate the rate of innovation and IoT application development in general.

A majority (63%) of active IoT developers surveyed for this study indicated that their IoT development experience is less than satisfactory. This and other data presented in this study suggests that a majority of developers do not have such centralized access to the diverse set of services and tools that their IoT projects require or that the resources they are using are inadequate.

AT&T’s M2X Data Service and Flow Designer IoT solutions are designed, built, and packaged to give organizations and their IoT developers the type of centralized but also exible access to a diverse range of services and tools that developers indicate are required for IoT initiatives.


You can read and download the full report here.

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