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Where to Get Expert Input for Your Industrial Automation Questions and Needs

Published on 11/17/2016 | Strategy

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Robert Doyle

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Your needs related to issues like production, quality control, or packaging can make finding the right automated solutions a confusing and overwhelming task. Who can you trust to relay the right information? Trying to learn what you need to know about industrial automation can be daunting whether you’re managing a startup or an established business.

Terms like collaborative robots, machine vision, and the factory of the future get tossed around, but they have little meaning when you can’t apply them to meet the specific needs of your operation. No one needs extra bells and whistles when you just want machines to handle materials, sort items, and check for defects.

There’s a more efficient way to learn what others in your situation have faced and how they’ve used industrial automation to improve product quality, enhance their customer relations, and create a safer working environment. Learn how you can interact with robotics manufacturers, researchers, and small to large businesses through videos and trainings.

The host site of this blog article, The Association for Advancing Automation (A3),  is the umbrella group for three leading associations that have specific disciplines and cross-promote automation solutions. Here’s why membership is a smart move to make.

Member Organizations

The Association for Advancing Automation (A3) is an umbrella organization dedicated to helping businesses recognize the value of automation. Under its umbrella are the Robotic Industries Association (RIA)AIA – Advancing Vision and Imaging, and the Motion Control and Motor Association(MCMA). They represent over 900 automation manufacturers, component suppliers, system integrators, end users, research groups and consulting firms from throughout the world.

The structure is what A3’s president Jeff Burstein referred to as an “ecosystem of automation” during the recent 2016 A3 Business Forum in February.

Each organization also hosts their own webinars on a regular basis dealing with topics like the Factory of the FutureMachine Vision in Vision Guided Robots, and The Intelligent Factory.

The websites have comprehensive resource sections along with in-depth articles and a marketplace of new products.

Advocacy and Opportunities

Automation has been proven to turn failing and flailing operations into successful businesses. But there’s a need to speak up and point out the success stories. There are critics who fear widespread job losses as more companies automate. A3 published a white paper, Three Ways Automation can Boost Your Bottom Line, revealing the relationship between robotics sales and job growth. This is part of A3’s work in being the global advocate for the benefits of automating.

We’re optimistic that increased automation in industry, service facilities like hospitals, and in the home will offer greater economic opportunity and improve lives.

Hosting key trade shows, offering free video resources like the “Why I Automate” series and on-going research are ways that we provide a platform to interact.

Resources for Today and the Future

Maybe you’ve had recent equipment breakdowns and feel now is the time to upgrade your systems, but how will you scale the use of automation for the future? Membership connects you with experts who adhere to high industry standards and have the integrity to help you plan and prepare with confidence.

The RIA Certified Integrator Program and the AIA Certification Integrator Program adhere to rigorous standards and connect end users with system integrators who can be trusted for their knowledge and their ability to deliver.  

Motion Control’s Resource page is a collection of important news and trends.

The resources help you to be well-informed so you can make the best decisions possible in your use of automation.

When you have questions or need to connect with trusted experts, simply go online to

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