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AXON Platform for IoT translates communication from a wide variety of devices into a common IP-based language to enable the creation of a managed service. When everyone speaks the same language, things simply work better. AXON Platform enables service providers to ensure interoperation between different networks, extend services quickly, while providing management with other AXON Platform core services. Our IoT network solution scales to provide single-source management for different devices or features across networks: • Advanced Wireless Gateways • Wi-Fi routers • Mobile control apps and/or connected remote controls • Connected wall controllers and power outlets • Sensor-enabled devices (light bulbs, smart speakers, motion and occupancy sensors, etc.)

Manage, Control and Automate AXON Platform for IoT works with devices on the network and provides an embedded and cloud infrastructure to enable you to manage, control and automate features across different networks. Blending People, Processes with Things AXON Platform aims to reduce the friction between people and technology. User experience matters and the system architecture facilitates an interactive exchange. AXON Platform is horizontal in design, enabling the addition of new use cases for premium services. AXON Platform is all about context, translating real-time communications from the widest variety of IoT devices into the same standard IP-based language, enabling interoperability across products from different vendors. Smart home devices and services powered by AXON Platform for IoT can also be controlled with recipes from IFTTT (If This Then That). Visit the IFTTT website to see what can be done with IFTTT recipes, or to connect to more than 330 channels from the Greenwave Systems channel.

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