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CodeMeter Protection Suite
CodeMeter Protection Suite
CodeMeter Protection Suite

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To integrate protection and licensing into your software, there are two primary ways: you can either encrypt your complete software or parts thereof with Protection Suite, or you can proceed manually with CodeMeter API.

CodeMeter Protection Suite is your fast track to convenient, quick and secure integration of CodeMeter into your software. After integration, you can take advantage of various modalities to deliver your software as a universal package to your customers. CodeMeter and CodeMeter License Central let you define unique functionality and licensing models for each of your clients.

The high-caliber features of CodeMeter Protection Suite allow you to:

Integrate both protection and licensing swiftly and effortlessly.

Achieve maximum protection level for your software, since CodeMeter Protection Suite incorporates state-of-the-art anti-debugging and anti-reverse engineering technologies.

Fully encrypt the executable code of your software against reverse engineering.

Decrypt individual parts of your application at runtime and encrypt them again. This approach is highly scalable depending on the number of parts selected; you are fully in charge of the security level you want to reach. The impact on performance is very limited regardless of the size and complexity of the parts.

Sign the encrypted application to ensure code integrity and authenticity.

Update CodeMeter Protection Suite free for an entire lifetime. This allows you to preserve ultimate security levels despite of new threats.

Combine CodeMeter Protection Suite with CodeMeter API to implement special features.

Protect applications on multiple platforms; CodeMeter Protection Suite is available for both PCs (Windows, Linux, macOS) and leading embedded operating systems.

Choose among different variants of Protection Suite, each made for specific uses. The modules include: AxProtector / IxProtector, AxProtector .Net, AxProtector Java, AxProtector CmEand ExProtector.

Customize your status and error messages to reflect your corporate design, or you can rather run software without any user interface completely hidden in the background.

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