Digi Wireless Design Services

Digi Wireless Design Services
Digi Wireless Design Services
Digi Wireless Design Services
Digi Wireless Design Services
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With over one thousand projects under our belt, a world-class RF lab, experienced engineers and a library of proven IP, Digi is your trusted partner to get your product to market

Product development is a complex process. Adding cellular connectivity adds additional layers of complexity and requires a specific type of expertise. Cellular products are required to pass an additional level of certification before they are allowed on the carriers’ networks. Failure to successfully navigate the certification process will result in costly product redesign and missed revenue opportunities.

Having the right partner on your side, though, can make all the difference. With Digi, we guarantee that any product we design from start to finish using our proprietary methodology will pass FCC and carrier certifications. And if it doesn’t pass the first time, we’ll pay to make it right. With a state-of-the-art RF lab, a dedicated team of engineers and a library of proven IP we have the tools and resources to get you to market faster.


250+ custom projects

Our world-class engineers, RF lab, and library of proven IP make Digi WDS yourtrusted partner.

100% compliance

Digi guarantees your product will comply with FCC/IC, cellular, and other requirements, speeding your product plans.

100+ rescues

Digi is the go-to source torescue an RF design from certification failure or suboptimal performance. We help you successfully pass specifications and certifications.

100 million devices

We help connect products inhighly regulated industriesaround the globe.

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