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FactoryStudio is a powerful application development platform that delivers real-time information and provides a complete set of modules in a unified and intuitive engineering user interface.

Typical applications are Advanced HMI visualization, SCADA systems, plant Information Management System (PIMS), Historian and Manufacturing Intelligence (MI), Operational Dashboards, Situational awareness, KPI and OEE indicators, MES and performance monitoring.

FactoryStudio includes standard modules for: real-time tags and assets database, user templates, alarms and events, historian, SQL tables and queries, recipes, XML, CSV, XPS and PDF reports, built-in embedded SQL database engine and web server, scripting, scheduling, OPC server and client, native communication protocols, graphical designer, with native runtimes for .Net, Web, iOS, Android, Windows Compact Framework (Windows CE), Linux, and Raspberry Pi (rPi).

FactoryStudio is vertical agnostic, with a flexible infra-structure for real-time data management, it has been applied on several different industries.

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