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IOT Factory Software Platform
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The IOT Factory Software Platform offers all the functionalities required for the deployment of industrial IOT projects, whether in Smart Metering (Industry 4.0), Smart Building, Logistics or the Construction sector.

It is an Open and documented IOT platform, allowing the integration of any type of IOT sensor, whatever the communication network used (LORAWAN, NB-IOT, M2M, SigFox, Wifi, BLE). This software platform is completely configurable by its users. Treatments to be performed on the collected data, Custom Reports and Dashboards, Definition of rules for the generation of Notifications and Alerts. It is open to any type of integration through documented APIs.

The IOT Factory software platform has been designed to support the needs of companies: fine management of access rights, possibility of deploying multiple projects within the same environment. A mobile application (iOS, Android) is available for field users. And the possibility is offered to operate the IOT Platform, from our secure Cloud environment, or within the Enterprise through the installation of software on servers “on premise”.

This IOT Software Platform is the result of nearly 20 years of experience of the team in charge of its design. 

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